about a truck of Japan, the Toyota Dyna.

A truck of Japan, the origin of the Toyota Dyna is the Toyopet route trucks where they appeared in 1957 (RK60 type). By 1.75 tons of product trucks which carried R type engine (55ps) of inline four-cylinder 1453ccOHV, I started some tip of nose and featured round cicada bonnet-like cabin-style. I improve the best output in 58ps from 1958, the following day and shift to an RK70 type of 2 tons of products. I added a long body car to a lineup, and it was the RK85 type which assumed ride capacity three people in 1959 and it was about time when this and was given a new name called the Dyna afterwards. The RK95 type which extended a wheelbase came up in 1960, and the best output became 60ps, too.
The Dyna polishing robustness every minor change adopts all floating expression rear axles at the same level as a large truck from an RK150 type of 1961. And labelling it is an appearance of Dyna 1900 (RK160 type) which a 3RB type engine of 1,897cc was given in 1962. This model added with the expansion of the compact car frame was proud of best output 80ps, strong specifications of maximum torque 14.5kgm, and, as for the weight, the maximum speed improved to 95km/h to 105km/h although I reached 1,530 kg.

About Toyota's Used Truck, The Dyna