The Japanese truck which is strong, and lasts a long time

Because my parents' house was a farmhouse, I owned a truck.
The use diverged into many branches.
At manure and seed and sapling, plastic greenhouse, instrumentation, time such as the crops, the farm tractor when I harvested it, it was not permitted now, but there were how many people in it or picked up neighboring people and moved.
Because I was strong in the bad road and did not hardly do the trouble either, father praised the truck which he bought by well used car when it was the guy who could rely.
It means that a Japanese truck gains popularity abroad.
I knew that a privately-owned car attracted attention from the foreign countries, but, to hear it, have admired when, as is expected, it was Japan.
Unlike a car, the car for the work does not have to be beautiful.
In addition, there should not be many people minding a design.
When important one do not eat fuel very much, it means that it does not break down.
Because the durability of the Japanese car is proved by car, popularity of the used car is to just increase.
Besides, it seems to be a secret of popularity in the quota of the price that there are many good things which are in a state in the at the rate of of the age-type old thing because we are the nations who perform the maintenance well.
In spite of being a messenger, I trade it in as a used car carefully if it becomes old and think that it is to help the circulation of resources to contribute to necessary people.